Recipient      Hometown       Year

Jennifer Brengle                                Fox Lake                                     1975

Gregory Da Valt                                 Burnett                                       1976

Mark Nordeen                                    Fox Lake                                    1977

Brian Da Valt                                      Burnett                                       1978

Maud Hickey                                      Beaver Dam                               1979

Michael Becker                                  Mayville                                      1980

Stacey LeFevers                                 Waupun                                      1981

Julie Triemstra                                   Beaver Dam                               1982

Shelley Mertig                                    Horicon                                       1983

Kurt Wiedenhoeft                              Beaver Dam                                1984

Anna E. Orovich                                Mayville                                       1985

Elizabeth L. Darner                           Lomira                                         1986

Susan Page                                          Waupun                                       1987

Matt Milller                                         Beaver Dam                                1988

Cara Gerritsen                                    Waupun                                       1989

Jame J. Bennett                                 Beaver Dam                                 1990

Scott J. Elford                                    Horicon                                         1991

Monica Steger                                    Theresa                                         1992  

Clint Fox                                              Lomira                                          1993

Teresa L. Drews                                 Beaver Dam                                  1994

Shaun Belongie                                  Beaver Dam                                  1995

Jonah Haase                                       Beaver Dam                                  1996

Not awarded                                                                                               1997

Joe Braun                                            Horicon                                          1998

Sandy Bell                                           Beaver Dam                                   1998

Angie Wendling                                 Mayville                                          1998

Rebecca Thomas                                Waupun                                          1998

Not Awarded                                                                                                1999

Robin Macheel                                   Beaver Dam                                   2000

Not Awarded                                                                                                2001-2003

Jakob Stoehrl                                     Horicon                                           2004

Not Awarded                                                                                                2005-2016

​Andrea Geiger                                    Mayville                                          2017

Fox Lake, Wisconsin

May 18 - 20, 2018

We are happy that we were able to re-institute the scholarship program for 2017.  We will have details on the application process later this year.  Thank you again for your continued support. Donations earmarked for this recognition are greatly appreciated.

Bunny Berigan Foundation and Scholarship Recipients

Dollars raised by the foundation are used to:

• Collect music/recordings created by Bunny Berigan
• Financial support for the annual music festival honoring Bunny Berigan
• Scholarship recognition for students living within Dodge County who are interested in
pursuing a musical career.

There will be a special auction table at this year's event which will feature many fabulous items, with proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund. Please check it out when you're at the festival.

Meet the past recipients of the Bunny Berigan Foundation Scholarships: