Join us for three days of Jazz, Swing, and Dixieland favorites to honor one of the most prominent and charismatic trumpeters of all time, Bunny Berigan, in his hometown of Fox Lake, Wisconsin.  Begun in 1973 as a single-day event, the festival has developed into a weekend celebration featuring musicians from across the country with fans traveling from around the world to partake in this jazz jubilee.

In addition to over 20 hours of musical entertainment, the event will feature a number of presentations on this amazing musician and his contributions to the world of jazz and swing.

The three-day music festival includes venues throughout the quaint city of Fox Lake … the local drive-in/carhop stand, Community Center, American Legion Hall and a service at Bunny’s gravesite.  Make plans to join us as we honor the memory of this once-in-a-lifetime trumpeter whose talent has impacted the music industry for over 80 years.

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View the weekend line-up of musical entertainment, roundtable discussions, biographical presentations, and related demonstrations. The Bunny Berigan Jazz Jubilee is a registered 501c3 charitable organization.


Graveside Service.  The Rev. Al Townsend will be leading the Bunny Berigan Graveside Service at the St. Mary’s/Annunciation Cemetery on Saturday morning, May 20th, at 10:00 AM.  The Cemetery is located two miles south of Fox Lake on Highway 33 where one makes a left turn on Breezy Point Road.  Bob Schulz & his Mid-West All-Stars plus some members of the St. Louis Stompers will be on hand to play for this very touching service.  The Cemetery is also the burial site of Bunny’s daughter Joyce, her husband Ken Hanson, Kaye Berigan’s father Don Berigan (Bunny’s brother, Bunny’s infant daughter who died on his birthday and other Berigan family members.
Chef In The Kitchen Saturday and Sunday.  The Jazz Jubilee welcomes Anthony Madison of Milwaukee back to the kitchen.  Chef Madison cooks from scratch and has prepared a tremendous choice of foods for the Festival.  He will be serving up BBQ ribs with baked beans, coleslaw, and mini corn on the cob as one entrée.  Anthony’s famous Gumbo will be available and a full dinner of Roasted Turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy will be served.  Along with these special entrees there will be Johnsonville Brats, a grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich, tossed salad and a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich.  For desert one can enjoy a piece of Cheesecake, Cookies, or an Ice Cream Sandwich.  Drinks of coffee, tea and hot apple cider will be available from the kitchen.  No one should go home hungry.
Exhibit Hall doubling at Presentation Hall.  Paintings of Bunny and pictures of Bunny will be on display.  An enlargement of a picture when Bunny first played with a band in Beaver Dam.  His mother would not allow him to wear long pants and one day he went home and said “Ma, could I please wear long pants when I play with the band?  I feel so foolish because all the guys are in long pants but me.”  Being the loving Mother that she was, she relented and Bunny was allowed to wear long pants.     At 8:00 PM on Saturday May 20th, the Korbel people will put on a Mixology workshop.  All are welcome to come in to see and taste what you can do with Korbel Brandy.  While visiting the Bunny Berigan Jazz Jubilee you can purchase a glass to take home to remind you of the good time you had at the Jazz Jubilee.  Korbel is a major sponsor of the event and Korbel Brandy is the favorite in Wisconsin.
Rippey’s Triangle Jazz brings 4,000 CDs, Books and DVDs to the Jazz Jubilee.  Dick Rippey and Triangle Jazz has been providing recorded music to the lovers of Traditional Jazz, Ragtime and Big Bands since 1947.  This is now the largest supplier in North America.  Enjoy the music of the weekend and take some home for pleasure later.  Almost every artist performing at the Jazz Jubilee will have a CD for sale in the Triangle Jazz Store.
Phyllis Ger is returning to the Jubilee with her hand-crafted jewelry.  Phyllis has a studio in New York and her father, Morty Stuhlmaker played in Bunny’s Band.  Phyllis creates items that are one of a kind, some with a musical theme and others for every occasion when you want that little extra attraction.
Sunday Morning Church Service.  The Sunday morning, May 21st., church service will be held at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, 311 W. Mackie, Beaver Dam, WI.  The St. Louis Stompers will be the featured band for two services, one at 8:00 AM and one at 10:30 AM.  The church invites the public to join them for these uplifting Dixieland Jazz Services.  The Stompers, led by Steve Lilley, will be providing the whole service, which promises to be something that will be remembered for years.   One man who has said he intends to attend the Jazz Festival says that “no matter how many miles I have to travel, it will be worth it to attend a church service by the St. Louis Stompers”.  Also at the church from 9:15 to 10:15 AM, Mike Zirpolo, Author of Mr. Trumpet, will be giving a presentation on Bunny in the small Chapel right next to the Sanctuary in First Lutheran.   Everyone is welcome!

More Details.  You can find more details and how to order tickets by going to the www.bunnyberiganjazzjubilee web site.  Tickets can also be ordered by emailing or by calling 920-928-6094.  Tickets will also be available at the door, Friday night at the American Legion Clubhouse and Satuday at the Fox Lake Community Center.
See the past fun on YouTube.  Put in and you will see all sorts of posts for Bunny Berigan.  Bill Schneider and his wife Sue are repeated guests at the Bunny Berigan Jazz Jubilee and Bill has put a lot of original footage up on YouTube.  You will see the bands, scenes of Fox Lake, and the graveside service at Bunny’s grave.  Take a look and enjoy!

Three Day Dixieland Plus Jazz Festival
May 18—20, 2018


     A Dixieland, plus more, Jazz Festival will be held in Fox Lake, WI, on May 18-20, 2018.  The Jazz Festival will honor the great “Bunny” Berigan who grew up in Fox Lake, WI.  Known as one of the most compelling trumpet players in the history of music, Berigan brought unmistakable electricity to the various bands he played with including Tommy Dorsey, Paul Whiteman, and Benny Goodman. Hired as a “sideman”, Berigan performed on hundreds of commercial recordings including material for the Dorsey Brothers, as well as Bandleader Glenn Miller’s earliest recording date, playing on “Solo Hop” (1935).

      Those who knew “Bunny” personally had this to say about him: Quoting Joe Bushkin “Look, if you could have seen him there onstage in a white suit, with his blond hair and penetrating gray eyes, holding that shiny gold trumpet—well, if that didn’t knock you over when he started to play, ain’t nothing gonna knock you down.”   Irving Goodman, brother of Benny Goodman, reflected on his time knowing “Bunny”: “Like everyone else, I was crazy about Bunny.  He was with Benny for only a short period, but whenever he was present it was another story. There haven’t been many guys who could electrify Benny, but Bunny was certainly one of them.  As a leader of his own band he was great to work for.  The whole band would do anything he wanted.  It was a real happy family.  His attitude was so great too.  Like when we played the boondocks, where it didn’t really count.  Bunny never let up—he gave it everything he had.  Another thing, he never acted like he was anything special.  Maybe he didn’t think he was.  Music occupied his mind a lot, and he seemed to be able to inspire everybody to play a bit better than they ordinarily could.  The way he beat off a tempo, and the sound he produced, got under our skins.  It was so much fun some of us were pretty near willing to work for nothing, and sometimes it nearly came to that!”

      “Bunny” Berigan who was born on November 2, 1908 in Hilbert, Wisconsin and died on June 2, 1942 in New York City, will forever be remembered in Fox Lake, Wisconsin, where he grew up among loving Grandparents, Uncles & Aunts, Cousins, Parents, one Brother and Friends.

Highlights of the Bunny Berigan Jazz Jubilee, 2017 will be”


Trumpeter Duke Heitger of New Orleans as “Guest Artist” playing with all the bands.  As a youngster he became fascinated with sounds embedded in the grooves of his dad’s record collection, discs by Louis Armstrong, Bunny Berigan, Roy Eldridge, Red Allen, Bobby Hackett and Bix Beiderbecke.  While not on the road, Duke maintains a busy schedule in New Orleans, leading his own Steamboat Stompers. Duke has recorded many CDs that will be available at the Festival.

Bob Schulz Frisco Jazz Band Lite.  Bob comes from San Anselmo, California and is surrounding himself with some of the best musicians in the Mid-West.  When not playing his Cornet in Wisconsin, Bob can be found playing at many Jazz Festivals around the nation.  Although he lives in California, he was born and raised in Wonewoc, WI and served as a High School Band teacher in Reeseville and Lake Mills, WI.  Bob spent quite a number of years in the Riverboat Ramblers, fondly remembered by many from Wisconsin.  

The St. Louis Stompers Classic Jazz Band Led by Steve Lillley – Cornet. From traditional jazz tunes to swing, the Stompers attack each with vigor and gusto.  Musically tight, technically astounding, laced with humor and always entertaining, they will have you calling for more.  Other members of the Saint Louis Stompers Classic Jazz Band are Dave Zink – Sousaphone; Jack Tartar – Drums and Ukelele; Dave Majcherzak – Piano/Arranger; Brett Stamps – Trombone; Mike Lilley – Clarinet.

Jack’s Jubilee Band Playing Bunny’s Music.  Jack Trowbridge has put together eleven musicians, forming a “little BIG BAND” that will be playing tunes that Bunny played.  The tunes will be Dixieland and Swing that Bunny recorded.  Members of the band will be Jack Trowbridge & Kenny Stien – Reeds; Duke Heitger, Steve Lilley & Bob Schulz – Trumpet; Al Anderson & Bruce Yeo – Trombones; Bruce Warden – Keyboard; Jim Christiaansen – Banjo & Guitar; Rob Moore – Base; Gary Beal – Drums.

Kaye Berigan 5Tet.  Kaye Berigan has been featured at all the Bunny Berigan Jazz Jubilees since 2011.  Kaye is the nephew of Bunny, but he did not listen to Bunny’s music as he grew up and became an accomplished artist on the Trumpet.  Kaye has his own brand of music and he will tell you that they do not play Dixieland.  His group remains popular at the event as they are all incredible musicians.  Members of the 5Tet are Kaye Berigan – Trumpet; George Welland – Base; Mike Pauers – Baritone sax; Jack Carr – Drums; Steve Lewandowski – Guitar.

Matt Miller Trio.  Matt Miller comes to the stage featuring the music of Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra plus other Jazz Standards.  Matt was the winner of the Bunny Berigan Scholarship in 1988 and this year he is one of the judges of the Scholarship being presented.  Matt plays, teaches, and supports live music.  Matt plays an electric  bass guitar and may dust off his trumpet which he played in Beaver Dam High. 

Dave Majcherzak will be featured for the Piano Special at 5:00 PM.  Dave is both a fantastic piano player and an arranger.  He makes the 1929 piano used for the Festival just come alive.  Dave’s real job in life is being a Veterinarian for all sorts of small pets.  WHAT A GUY! 

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Celebrating the man, his music and legacy
Fox Lake, Wisconsin
​May 18 - 20, 2018